Bursa azi

Marii indecsi au continuat caderea lina, europenii incheind in mare parte pe minus:

FTSE 100: 1.06%
DAX: -0.44%
Stoxx 600: -0.13%

Aurul a crescut cu 1% in timp ce petrolul a picat -3,32%.
Deutsche Bank AG care a picat rau ieri si-a revenit cu un amarat de 2%. E bine ca nu a picat mai rau …

Hang Seng a crescut cu 1.01% in timp ce Nikkei 225 a picat cu 0.85%.

Indexul dolarului a mai picat cu 0.84%

Azi va recomand urmatorul articol de pe site-ul ZeroHedge: The Great Crisis Has Officially Begun (Oil is Just the Start).

All claims that stocks went up because of the “recovery” or because of “expansion” or whatever really translate to “stocks went up because TRILLIONS in liquidity went into the system and a lot of it ended up in stocks.”

In curand, petrolul atinge minimul din 2009. Oare miroase a noua criza? Parerea mea ca va pica mult sub 2009 si toata lumea o sa se cutremure …


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